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SCADA is a system for control, management and visualization of various technological processes. The system consists of modules which are interconnected by a fieldbus based on line 485. Modules can be located either at one point or at different places connected line 485, the length of one segment is up to 200 meters (or 1400 m - depending on application). Manufacturing is in accordance with ISO 9001/2000.

Modules SCADA is fully compatible with series of modules SCADA Ex and the control system for use in potentially explosive atmospheres MFT1000.

The system can work in several modes. For example :

  1. In a simple application works one or several modules separately. Monitor and control the process without displaying status applications.
  2. The system monitors and controls the process. Using the display and keypad displays system status and allows the operator to intervene in the process.
  3. The system monitors and controls the process. It is connected to a PC with software MORIS 32 with which it is carried out visualization of the process and operator intervention in the process. You can also display information about the process and make it into interventions using displays with the keyboard placed in different locations process.
  4. The system only monitors the process and control the entire process takes place in the connected PC with software MORIS 32.

    At one loop it is possible to connect 31 modules. These places are interconnected fieldbus based on RS 485 with a maximum length of one segment of 1400 m. The system is designed so that failure of one part does not cause removal of the entire system.

    The system can include the following modules:

  • Modul NCENTR

  • Modul COMBI-88

  • Modul NIO32

  • Modul NDAC16

  • Modul NADC6412

  • Modul NADC812

  • Modul NOPTO 16

  • Modul NREL 8

  • Modul COMBI 300

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